Jupyter Executive Council Team Compass#

This team compass contains information about the regular activities of the EC.

About the Jupyter Executive Council#

The Jupyter Executive Council (EC) is ultimately responsible for all dimensions of Project Jupyter (including, but not limited to, software, legal, financial, community, operations, inclusion and diversity, etc.). The members of the EC actively work to carry out the Project’s mission in accordance with its values and to support operations through delegation to the Software Steering Council (SSC), Software Subprojects, Standing Committees, and Working Groups. These other bodies will report to the EC, and the EC is expected to support, oversee, manage, and ensure the success of operations across Jupyter. For more details, see the Jupyter Executive Council page of the Jupyter governance structure.

The current members of the Executive Council are listed here.

For more details about how the Executive Council operates, see the operational details.

Contacting the Executive Council#

To contact the Jupyter Executive Council (EC), please choose the option that best fits your needs:

  • Issues on the EC Team Compass repository: for open, public discussion. We monitor this repository and allocate time on our regular weekly meetings to triage open and active issues.

  • EC mailing list: for private communication with the EC, email our list, which is open for public posting, but only executive council members can read messages or archives.

  • Bi-weekly EC Office Hours Zoom call: for synchronous, public conversation, you can join our office hours call, which is listed in the project Google Calendar. You can add topics to the agenda (see calendar entry for link) with additional details/references prior to the meeting.

EC members allocate time during our weekly scheduled meetings to review new issues, incoming communications, and active open issues.

Other Channels:

  • Issues on the main Governance Repository: offer a space for broader discussion about Governance with the entire community, and are better suited for conversations where input from bodies like the Software Steering Council, project teams and individuals are sought. If you need to flag an issue specifically for input by the EC, please tag the team with @executive-council. The EC will move issues between this general Governance repo and the EC team compass when appropriate.

  • The Governance category on Discourse: is not formally monitored by the EC, due to limited bandwidth. It is OK for the community to discuss governance topics there and EC members may occasionally post, but we can not commit to actively monitoring it.

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